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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a drive-on dock?

A drive-on dock lifts your boat or Jetski up out of the water which prevents marine growth forming on your hull. Marine growth on the bottom of your boat can affect performance & fuel economy and barnacles & limpets can damage the gelcoat – as can the process of scraping them off.

A Tetradock will save you the work and the cost of taking your boat out of the water every year (sometimes twice a year), scraping it off and antifouling it. If you add up the cost of doing that over a three or four year period, you could possibly have paid off the cost of your dock. And consider this; once you’ve paid those costs and done that work, the time and the money have gone forever – but with a dock, you still have an asset which will always have an inherent value.

And if you have a drying out mooring where your boat settles down on the mud and stones twice a day, the benefits in terms of damage control are obvious.

 What size dock do I need?

If you tell us what boat you are thinking of putting on a dock and what engine set up it has, we will advise you of the size and configuration that we think is best for you. Broadly speaking, a dock only needs to be about the size of the waterline of your boat. So, for example our 7.85 metre Ribeye will fit onto a 6.5 metre dock because the tubes extensions that go backwards past the transom and the bow rise at the front have no bearing on the dock. In practice though, we generally say that a dock should be no less then 1 metre shorter than your boats overall length.

Why are there gaps in between the blue U floats?

These gaps are constructional, in that it allows different configurations depending on the hull design and the weight distribution of any individual boat, and also cost saving – why pay for floats in places where they are not needed? And incidentally, just because the gaps are there, it doesn’t mean that you are more likely to fall into them than you are to fall off the side of the dock. Of course, you can have them filled in with blue U floats if you prefer.

Where can I moor a drive-on dock?

You can moor a dock almost anywhere. The usual installation is alongside a pontoon in a marina or sheltered harbour environment but with planning, they can be placed in many different types of location.

How soon can I get my dock?

We hold float stock on a continuous basis and can usually supply your dock at your convenience – often immediately if required.