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Well, really, it’s about you and us.

Well, really, it’s about you and us.

You’re in the UK and you’ve got a boat. Perhaps it’s a RIB or speedboat or a small to medium cruiser or fishing boat, or perhaps it’s a Jetski, and you have a mooring – probably in a marina or harbour – and your boat stays in the water for some or all of the year but you don’t like spending money on repeatedly having it taken out, cleaned and antifouled.

Also you don’t like the potential damage to your gelcoat by letting limpets & barnacles grow on your hull or by continually having to scrape them off.

You’ve been looking at the best solution to those problems (which is clearly a modular drive on dock) and that’s why you find yourself on our website – which is a good place to be because that’s what we do.

About us Tetradock

And we do it for individual boat owners like you. Some have old boats worth just a few thousand and some have new ones worth fifty or sixty thousand, most fall somewhere in between. Whatever the value of your boat, it pays to look after it.

No dock is too small for us to give our full attention to (and, just so you know, no dock is too big either). As all boats are different, each Tetradock is specifically configured for your boat and at the lowest possible cost to you – we don’t add unnecessary floats just to make a few extra pounds profit.

We normally hold lots of stock and can usually supply your dock within a few days if required. You can have it on a supply only basis – in which case it comes with building instructions and some useful hints and tips – or we can deliver it and even build it for you if you’d like us to.

We’ll even give you some tuition and help you drive on and off the dock a few times so you can get the hang of it.

You know that the money you spend on cleaning and antifouling is gone forever. With a drive on dock you retain a valuable asset for many years to come.

Many boat & Jetski owners around the UK trust our drive on docks – and you can too. So contact us now by clicking here for our contact page. Let us know what boat and engine set up you have and we will be happy to design a configuration diagram for you and let you know exactly how much your dock will cost.

About us Tetradock